Joyful Treats Community Development Corporation (JTCDC)

is a national non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Michigan dedicated to celebrating, preserving and nurturing a diverse culinary heritage to embrace cultural lifestyles globally.

  • Mission

    JTCDC mis­sion is to present an av­en­ue of suc­cess to help our fu­ture hos­pit­al­ity in­dustry lead­ers em­brace the vari­ous eth­ni­cit­ies among our na­tion for the pro­fes­sion­al food­ies and fam­ily.

  • Strategy

    Host­ing healthy food fest­iv­it­ies loc­ally source for a di­verse pop­u­la­tion is our strategy for up­com­ing en­tre­pren­eurs to gain hands on know­ledge, while ser­vi­cing vari­ous mul­ti­cul­tur­al hol­i­days and their din­ing etiquette which, will se­cure them with a com­pet­it­ive edge in the glob­al mar­ket­place.

Board Members

  • Khadija B. Wallace, Chair
    Founder/CEO of Joyful Treats Catering, LLC
  • Chef Alice Gannon Boss, CHE
    Washtenaw Community College
  • Daryl Holman Jr, Advisory Board
  • Arlene Barnes, B.A.
    CEO & Chief Consultant of Barnes Educational Consultant
  • Brian Mitchell
    Founder/Owner of Brian the Banker™ & Associates, LLC

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Joyful Treats

Community Development Corporation